Angela G.

Clarity is more needed than ever in a world where we get overloaded by unlimited options, opinions and information. Anxiety, stress and even depression have become accepted companions in modern life, which is as insane as it sounds. I\’m no exception to this phenomenon. The Clearness Retreat was a phenomenally eye-opening and transformational experience. I discovered the place within me that holds all the answers and resolutions to my questions and challenges in life. I was able to access it by recognising and clearing the noise and interferences that cover it. I understood more profoundly what it means to be human and to be me. The interesting part is that it’s not about applying yet another methodology, model or technique. It’s a discovery journey of wisdom through discussion, metaphors and provokers. Insight comes to you, not the other way around. Many thanks to Helmar, our facilitator who guided us on this great journey. Like a drop falling into a pool of water creating ripples, I’m sure that my transformation will affect many others around me. Together, we create a more conscious world where life is characterised and guided by clarity, meaning and direction.


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